25.07.2017 Another success of EKOL in Egypt

Egypt, Cairo - On 23rd April 2017 representatives of EKOL signed the contract documents for supply of 6 MW’s back-pressure steam turbine with the accessories for the sugar factory KOM-OMBO in Egypt.

24.05.2017 Establishing of SHAANGU-EKOL European MRO Center

On 17th May the General Manager of ShaanGu Group Dr. Yin Jianan and other members top management announced the establishing of „ShaanGu-EKOL European MRO Center“ in the company EKOL, spol. s r.o.

22.05.2017 EKOL TENIS OPEN 2017

11th annual EKOL TENIS OPEN was held on 18th and 19th May

04.04.2017 EKOL's Service in Egypt

EKOL in cooperation with EKOL energo signed the contract for our long-time partner ESIIC in one of his sugar factories – Deshna Sugar Factory. We supplied new steam gland seals repairs of rotors and stators of 2 PBS steam turbines with power output 4,5 MW. 

15.01.2017 Yantai shipping

The condensing turbine for Yantai project was shipped from the Port of Hamburg on 8th Dec 2015 and arrived to Shanghai 3 weeks before contractual delivery date.

10.11.2016 EKOL, spol. s r.o. will build the biomass power plant in Croatia

In last days the contract for the biomass power plant in Benkovac, Croatia has become effective. Our customer, BIOMASS TO ENERGY BENKOVAC d.o.o. company choose our company on previous references and strong international base. The main aspect of the project was financing preparation, which is an inseparable part of similar projects.

23.10.2016 25th Anniversary Celebration of the EKOL, spol. s r.o. Company 25 let 25 years ago, on 31st July1991, our company EKOL, spol. s r.o. was established. Such an important anniversary is worth of something special, so on 9th Sep 2016 friends, employees and business partners met to celebrate it.
12.10.2016 Golden Medal for ShaanGu Medaile

Our parent company ShaanGu, which was one of the exhibitors during this year's International Engineering Fair, won the Golden Medal for Innovation in Engineering Components. The award-winning exhibit is BPRT – Blast Furnace Power Recovery Turbine

30.09.2016 EKOL spol., s.r.o. signed its first contract in Saudi Arabia PRVNÍ KONTRAKT EKOL DO SAUDSKÉ ARÁBIE

Representatives of EKOL spol., s.r.o. signed a contract with BIOMASS INDUSTRY ASSOCIATES company to supply a complete energy center for sugar refinery AL REEF SUGAR REFINERY. The energy center will be installed in the Southern part of Saudi Arabia, on the West coast in the newly built industrial zone JAZAN ECONOMIC CITY.

01.07.2016 Representatives of Shaanxi Province visited EKOL, spol. s r.o. Zástupci čínské provincie Shaanxi

Between 22nd and 24th June 2016 the official delegation lead by the Governor of Shaanxi Provincial CPC Committee and Director of Standing Committee of Provincial People’s Congress Mr. Lou Qinjian visited the Czech Republic.

23.03.2016 Certification for steam turbines for Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan

In February 2016, EKOL, spol s r.o. obtained a certificate of compliance with the technical requirements TP TC 010/2011. T

17.02.2016 Ekol, spol. s r.o. Commercial Agency in the Russian Federation and Belarus

We signed an agreement about commercial agency of EKOL, spol. s r.o. in he Russian Federation and Belarus.

17.02.2016 Certification for boilers for Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan

On 27th Nov 2015 EKOL, spol. s r.o. obtained a certificate of compliance with the technical requirements no. TP TC 032/2013.

17.08.2015 EKOL, spol. s r.o. has a new business partner

On 2nd of July was taken over majority share of  EKOL, spol. s r.o. (further „EKOL“) by Chinese company ShaanGu Power

21.05.2015 EKOL Brno - Exhibitor on 23rd Power Gen Europe 2015 top-power-gen-2015.png

EKOL, spol. s r.o., will take part among exhibitors at 23rd Power-Gen Europe 2015...

30.01.2015 Acquisition of Brno EKOL, spol. s r.o. by Chinese company ShaanGu 30-1-Shaangu.png The Chinese engineering company Xi'An Shaangu Power has acquired the 75 % stake in one of the leading Czech turbine manufacturers, the Brno company Ekol. The company has an option for the remaining stake which can be used within three to six years following the acquisition.
22.01.2015 Signing Ceremony Shaangu – Ekol Brno, 22.1.2015 22-1-Signing-v2.png
16.07.2014 Information from Ekol owners related to the press news from July 7, 2014 referring about the acquisition of Ekol by Chinese company ShaanGu 30-1-Shaangu-logo.png On July 7, 2014 the newspapers informed that Chinese company ShaanGu will acquire 100% of the company EKOL...
03.06.2014 COMPRESSING STATION NET4GAS, KOURIM – MODERNIZATION OF EQUIPMENT NET4GAS1.JPG In the middle of May, 2014, Ekol finalized the modernization of turbo set with GT 750-6 gas turbine at the compressing station at NET4GA Co., Kurim, Czech Republic
06.05.2014 EKOL won project Szczecin in Poland 6-5-Szczecin.png Company EKOL was selected to supply condensing steam turbine for Mostostal Warszawa.
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