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In connection with acquisition of strategic partner ShaanGu wit EKOL, there was a need to intensify the research and development work in order to extend the possibilities of solving the developmental tasks, especially the implementation of the project "UNIFICATION OF STEAM TURBINES EKOL performance series 1 - 70MW", a new Research and Development Division was established in 2016.

In addition to the requirements of the unification project, the aim of the new division is to ensure the high quality of the final product, reduce the production time and significantly reduce production costs. This is in line with company's strategic goals of sustainable development and competitiveness.

The main focus of the division's activity is now in line with tasks mentioned below, namely:

• Realization of new types of last blade grades
• Creation of a modular system of stator parts, regulation, bearings, etc. of steam turbines, especially for mechanical drives with a power range of up to 70MW and with overlap and usability in the field of realization of modular system and unification elements for steam turbines designed to drive generators
• Implementation of new version of the semi-automated unification system software

The development activities associated with the current project are conceived by two dominant methods:

1. Procedure focused on industrial research of standardized dimensional and parametric series of key nodes (blades of the last stages, cabinets, bearing stands, control valves, etc.). The dimension line of a given node is created, with each representative of the series meeting the parameters of use or the dimensions given by the parameter values ​​for a particular steam turbine.
2. The procedure of creating three imaginary steam turbines documentation, each representing one representative of the given performance range, ie the EST 30, EST 50 and EST 60 series. This allows not only to develop the concept in demanding applications but also to verify the procedures of the design process mentioned in Point 1).

For the seamless operation of the division and productivity gains, the implementation of powerful SW tools for the following areas contributes:

• Analytical calculations: additional modules of common SW tools (HT basic, Visual Basic / Excel, etc.) processed by their own programming capabilities.
• Two-dimensional design layouts and 2D documentation: Autodesk solutions (AutoCAD mechanical, Plant 3D P & ID, ...).
• Creating and validating 3D data and documentation: Autodesk solutions (Navisworks, Inventor, Plant 3D, ...), Dassault Systems (SolidWorks, SolidWorks Simulation, SolidWorks Enterprise PDM)
• Verification of designs: For the verification of the rotary parts of the rotary machines of the NREC solution (AxCent TurboOPT and TurboGrid), Ansys (Ansys Mechanical Enterprise, Ansys CFX, Fluent, etc.)

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