In 2015, a foreign partner company, ShaanGu, joined EKOL, acquiring a 75% stake in the company. Thus, the company became a member of a prestigious international group, and increased its opportunities to move into new markets.

EKOL’s new strategy is to significantly expand, in cooperation with ShaanGu, the manufacture and deliveries of steam turbines with a power output of up to 70 MW to the Chinese market, thus combining the advantages of integrated supplies of steam turbine driven compressors.

Another goal is to continue the trend already set, and supply customers with complete power units for environment-friendly production of electricity and heat using mainly biomass and waste. EKOL adds to it a deep knowledge of specialized fields of steam turbines, industrial boilers, gas turbines and power units. Part of the products is provided by own production capacities.

The main advantage of the company is its orientation towards specific requirements of each customer, that is, understanding their needs, and a joint design and optimization of each project.

Ing. Jaromír Kříž 

General Manager



EKOL, spol. s r.o. is a respected European manufacturer and supplier of heat and power generating plants...


30 years of ShaanGu EKOL company

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On 27 April 2024, we are the supplier of the sugar mill's Energo Centre...

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