Gas Turbines

Deliveries of New Turbines

EGT 750-8.5 special gas turbines for chemical plants (supply of compressed air into the manufacturing equipment), manufactured based on a joint documentation of EKOL Brno and the Ukrainian company ENERGIA Krivoj Rog:

Nová turbína 1 Nová turbína 2

Airflow into the process equipment, Nm3/h (t/h) 67276±1660 (81 ± 2)
Air pressure behind the compressor, MPa 0,7299±0,007
Air temperature behind the compressor, K ( оC ) 562±5,8 (289±5,8)
Flue gas temperature, K ( оC ) , max. 665 (392)
Heating gas flow, Nm3/h (kg/h) 1142+28 (815+20)
Turbine start-up to iddle speed, sec. 120


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