Steam Turbines

Service, Repairs, Spare Parts and Upgrading

 Turbines Upgrading

 We offer and provide our customrs with upgrades to turbines in the existing heat and power generationg units. We provide projects and solutions to improve turbine efficiency, or customer-requested modifications

Partial Deliveries / Turbine and Turbine Halls Accessory Equipment

 As a part of complete or partial projects of turbine hals, turbines and their accessories, we design and provide solutions to:
  • Measurement and control system
  • Condensing systems
  • Water and steam piping
  • Oil management system
  • Power distribution
  • Generator protection systems
  • Cooling systems
  • Superior measurement and control systems for process units
  • Including connections to existing installations
  • Construction part of final deliveries

Service and Spare Parts Supplies:

Full service and spare parts are available for:

    • Own turbines
    • Customers' turbines according to original or newly developed documentation both in the Czech Republic and abroad




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