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The second contract between EKOL and ShaanGu for condensing steam turbine with power output 8,9 MW and input parameters of live steam 35,2 t/h, 440°C , 40 bara to China was signed in the second half of 2015. This turbine will drive compressor which is supplied by ShaanGu Company and will run in explosive environment. 

The turbine was shipped from the Port of Hamburg on 8th Dec 2016 and it arrived to Shanghai on 9th Jan 2017, which is 3 weeks before contractual delivery date.

The device is part of Four in One Unit Auxiliary Turbine in nitrobenzene device of aniline/folmadehyde project. Final customer is an important Chinese chemical company Wanhua Industrial Group, one of the biggest MDI producers (Methylene diphenyl diisocyanate), to which chemical factory Borsodchem in Ostava, the Czech Republic belongs. Erection and commissioning will be supervised by EKOL’s specialists.

The first project Mingshui, consisted of 2 condensing steam turbines for compressordrive, was shipped in February 2016.



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