Golden Medal for ShaanGu

Our parent company ShaanGu, which was one of the exhibitors during this year's International Engineering Fair, won the Golden Medal for Innovation in Engineering Components. The award-winning exhibit is BPRT – Blast Furnace Power Recovery Turbine

BPRT is a high efficiency and energy saving technology intended to recover energy from the residual heat and pressure of metallurgical process. Without extra power input, the developed machine with this technology could convert the residual heat and pressure energy directly into mechanical driving power by connecting the air compressor and gas expander on a common shafting. This technology realizes air supplying to blast furnace and energy recovery from blast furnace residual gas simultaneously. It simplifies the original complicated system by canceling the generator, integrating the oil system and control system and generally cuts the cost.

Congratulations on receiving the award on behalf of the EKOL spol., s.r.o.



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