Certification for steam turbines for Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan

In February 2016, EKOL, spol s r.o. obtained a certificate of compliance with the technical requirements TP TC 010/2011. These technical requirements refer to the safety of machines and equipment for the following products:

  • Condensing steam turbines of the types K, T, P, PT of an output of 1.0 70.0 MW with controlled steam bleeding
  • Back-pressure steam turbines of the types R, TR, PR of an output of 1.0 70.0 MW with controlled steam bleeding
  • Lubrication oil systems
  • Governing oil systems
  • Steam condensing systems
  • Automatic control and regulation systems
  • Parts of steam turbines
  • Stationary small-output steam turbines. General technical conditions
  • Stationary steam turbines driving generators in power plants. General technical conditions.


The certificate is valid in the territory of the Russian Federation, Belarus and Kazakhstan.



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